Having friends while being a mom

I know the picture above seems pretty extreme. It can be exhausting being a parent. In my current circumstance my husband works 2nd shift, Tuesday through Saturday. That means I am a single parent during the time he’s at work. I try not to rely to much on other people to watch my child, unless its absolutely necessary or I really really need some time to myself.

It’s a challenge to balance my mom life with my social life. Once I married and became a mom, my identity changed a bit. My life changed. My priorities have changed. This has all been good though. As times goes on, I realize that being a mom is definitely part of God’s calling for my life.

But I also feel sad when I see my friends living their life without me. FOMO kicks in especially if I see friends IG stories. Meanwhile, I’m at home playing Lego’s on the floor with my toddler. If you’re a parent reading this, and feeling these feels right now, don’t fret. I truly feel it’s normal to have those feelings. We are all at different seasons and stages of our lives.

I ended up just muting IG stories from certain friends. To avoid the temptation of going down that mental rabbit hole of what if’s. The truth and reality is that I am happy. I’m happy devoting my time to my child and wanting to add more children to the mix.

It just happens sometimes. That feeling that I’m missing out. Or that my friends have officially left me out of their plans, now that I’m a mom. Maybe they have. I’m sure it’s not to be malicious. The truth I’ve discovered for myself, is that my priorities, goals and vision has changed once my child was born.

I’ve decided to mute the IG stories and focus on the friends who do reach out. For the friends who’ve forgotten me, I just let it be. Maybe our friendship was just for that season. I’m open to bring new friends and moreover other friends who also have children. If I’m ever social, you’re gonna see my toddler right next to me hanging out also.

I’m thankful for the friends that continue to reach out to spend time with me (and toddler in tow). It’s so easy to focus on the negative and not look at the good right in front of you.

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